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I have selected this place as it is where I found peace in my daily life. This place is an special one as it is inside the town my grandparent was born. Since I was little I love nature. Natural places without human noise are so special for me as I can found peace and think about my problems and find a solution.

This place is called Mirador del Aguila. It is and elevation of the terrain where is the town in Toledo resembling a mountain with a cliff. At the top of the ”mountain” there is a big cross and you can look at the horizon watching an incredible sight, specially at sunset.

This place makes me to be at ease as it is the place where I found peace. I can listen the birds singing, I can start thinking in my own reflexions and in my own problems and find a solution in a calmed environment. I can also enjoy the views, which are incredible, the mountains, the horizon, the birds, specially those which are more difficult to see as imperial eagles, hawks, vultures…

It is an incredible place but unfortunately there are some disruptive elements. Firstly despite the fact of being at the top of the hill there is a road next to the town where some cars pass and they are noisy. So when sometimes I am there and having a time of peace, listening those cars passing is not fun. Secondly, another disruptive element is a fabric which is also next to the hill. It is not always working but specially on laboral days is a litte bit noisy.

This place is unique. I definitely do not experience the same feelings I live there in another place. I live in Valencia and in the city is imposible to reach that level of peace. It is another place. Valencia also has unique places where I have incredible moments such as the City of Arts ans Science or the river Turia. But there is not a place where I feel as in The Mirador of the Eagle.

As is possible to think, the behaviour of people living in the city is not the same in the cities than in the towns. People in cities such as Valencia or Madrid live with a more scheduled style of life. On the other hand in the towns like this they live in a calmed way. I think that the reason of this lifestyle is the places where they live. Places like The Mirador, where they have time to think, to reflex… The place where you live obviously affect your behaviour.

For me, this place is perfect and I wouldnt change nothing. It is a perfect balance between the nature and the life of the town as it is at the top of the hill where the town is. In fact it is just 200 meters from my house. I love it

Reflexion of the text “Atmospheres” by Peter Zumthor

Architecture is not just a profession. As I wrote in one of my reflexions of the blog, Architecture is an art. In this text, Peter Zumthor compares architecture with a body. In fact I think it is a great description I would also have made as a building also has its bones, infreastrucutre, its skin, its details…

Human beings are body, but we are also soul. What gives human beings its identity, its personality, its dignity, is the soul. Contining with the comparision made before by the author of the text. Every building has also its own soul (viewing from an architectural point of view). And this soul, which gives identity to the building is divided into the parts the author has divided the text.

The sound, the temperature, the composure, the levels of intimity, the levels of light, the architecture of the surroundings, the coherence, the form… All that it is what gives the soul. A human whithout soul id dead, it is just materia. The same with buildings, a buiding without all this is dead.

It is our task to be always aware about the buildings next to us. We have to put the glasses of architecture and start viewing the body of the buildings, form, materials, concept, estructure. But we also need to be aware of the soul of the bulding in order to be a great architect and ensure a place in people hearts of you bulding.

Personal Experience during a Trip

Tourism is one of the things I love the most during summer. Visiting new places, having great times wwith the family… Each summer I usually make a little trip of a few days with my family. In the summer of 2020 we went to Granada and visited the Alhambra, my feelings where incredible, I didnt know why people liked in a such way thos place but after seeing it I understood everything.

When I entered I wasnt expecting such a great thing as it was made 800 years ago, and it could be almost destroyed but as I was seeing the rooms, the columns, the gardens with fountains, the roofs… I started to understand how incredible the architecture is.

Not just the “body” of the Alhambra is incredible, but also the “soul”, the reflections of the water, the levels of light of each rooms depending on its purpose… It was incredible, I felt very well and that was one of the rasons why I wanted to study architecture.