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During the last month (from the 20th November to the 18th December) the Football World Cup has taken place . This championship, commonly known in Spain as ‘Mundial’ just appears every 4 years. This means that is an exceptional tournament that do not take place every year, as many others, such as the Champions League or La Liga.

Every football player has between his eyes giving his best looking for achieving his participation in this global tournament and having the opportunity to represent their own country. But the World Cup not only excites footall players but also fans of this sport who want to cheer their countries.

During this month I have been very excited in every match played, specially those of Spain. It is a feeling that not every person can understund. And this is the main idea I wanted to write. The hope feeling, the capacity the football has to make us dream. This cannot be done by everything, but as i was thinking about football ( that is my passion), I couldn´t avoid the relationship between football and architecture (which is my other passion).

I believe that Architecture can make as good feelings as football or better. Football matches make us dream, a dream of being World Champion, an dream of winning and until the match take place we are so nervious desiring the hour of the match arrives. But unfortunately this dream only lasts until the final whistle of the referee when the match finishes. But Architecture is different. Architecture also creates hope. What a better feeling that fighting everyday, working hard during hours with the final aim of having money enough to buy the house where you are going to live with your family? Fortunately this is different than football. After you have bought the house, you can enjoy the house with your family for the rest of your life. This is not going to end like the football match.

Architecture is a dream. A dream that doesn,t ends, that allows entire families to be happy, to create their home. This why Architecture is my dream, because it makes me happy and allows me to make happy to other people, to share the hope and those feelings that just football and specially Architecture can create.