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What is architecture? Can just be defined in a phrase?

Architecture is much more than a person can think in a moment, the essence of architecture goes to the infinit, it comes from the starting of our existance. But well, what is architecture…

Architecture is Art, an Art that exists, that we can see in the streets, that is alive, is always changing

Architecture is creating, the architect creates from 0, with just materials, it makes a dream for its future inhabitants.

Architecture is Design, the design made by a proffesional, which mkes his best in each line drawn-

Architecture is Usefulness, without architecture there are no homes, no places, no buildings, it is an essentual part of our dailylives.

Architecture is Space, time is something we measure but we dont understand very well. The same with space, architecture works with space and takes its best.

Architecture is Light, light is the main friend of architecture, without light, there is nothing as we cannot appreciate it. Thanks to light we can diffrenciate places from others.

Architecture is Protection, it is the place we feel secure, our homes, it is the place where we spend our time, where we protect from rain… We need architecture for protecting ourselves.

Architecture is heritage, we take teh architecture from our majors but we translate it into the modern times.

Architecture is this and much much more, during this year, we are going to discover a little bit about this passion, we are going to be introduced to Architecture.