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    Architecture as Sculpture:
    Gugghenheim Museum, it has modernised the city, from an industrial city (Bilbao) to a modern cuktural city.

    Architecture as Painting:
    Increase the personality, not only of the city, town, but also, the personality of the citizen. It is a creative world, typical of the painting.

    Architecture as Tradition:
    Was worried about the evolution of art. Tradition was dissapearing because the modern ones. He decided to design buildings similar to old ones. How drawing can make possible the reflexion?
    People thwt live there are very happy. Probably happier than in a skyscrapper.

    Architecture recieves influence from many other parts:

    Architecture from Neoplasticism:
    Surfaces of colours (yellow, blue, red, blanck and white).
    Seems not to be a building, a plastic composition.
    elements like planes, lines, but not volume.

    Architecture from Purism
    Le Corbusier
    Simple forms with no perspective
    Clear and flat colours. Not Volume
    Elements are easy to recognise

    Architecture from Cubism
    Typical of Prague
    Fractured and irregular shapes (Geometrically cut parapets and cornices)
    Angular details on doors and windows
    Undecorated exterior walls

    • Architecture from Surrealism:

    We recognise elements but we dont understand the composition.
    Endless House: A house that has not form.
    Outside is like a cloth but inside is like a cave.
    In architecture, Surrealism is more difficult to apply as is not cheap.
    Surrealism is like a dream.

    • Architecture in Cinema

    The Fountainhead: Howard Roark is an avantgarde architect eager to break with every thing it has been done before.
    Mon Oncle: Mr. Hulot who lives in a modest house go to visit his nephew who lives with his parents in a ultra modern house.
    The belly of an architect: An american architect arrives to Rome with his wife.

    • Architecture in Painting

    Annunciation- Fra Angelico
    Architectural Perspective– Unknown
    Renaissance (La Scuola di Atene) – Raphael
    Post Impressionis (Café terrace at night 1888)
    Metaphysical Painting (Mystery and Melancholy of a Street (1914))
    The New Objetivity and La Tendenza
    Painting: large spaces, emptiness, frostedatmosphere, invasive shadows.
    Architecture: simplicity, proportion, rhythm,typological clearness, disorder denial.

    • Architecture in Music

    La Cathedrale Engloutie: Based on historical facts about King Gradlon.
    Claude Debussy.
    Cathedral is sunk, and as it is going, it is appearing in the surface. Then the monumentality is shown.

    • Suggested Architecture

    Architectural space, similar to the Pompeian Domus.
    Camera degli Sposi 1694
    Apotheosis of Sant Ignatius 1694
    Basilica of St Francis in Assissi

    • Gesamtkunstwerk

    Red House in Kent, England.
    Hotel Tassel, Brussels, Belgium
    Casa Batlló, Antonio Gaudí, Barcelona, Spain.
    Maison du Verre. Paris