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If I make the question ”is music an art?” to someone in the street, I’m sure she will say that it is definitely an art. What makes music an art is the human capacity of joining single notes that are just noises into a composition which sounds good. Single notes are no art but the composition is a masterpiece.

Architecture is just the same. A block of rock is just a block of rock, not important not a big thing. But thanks to the composition of blocks it converts nothing into a masterpiece. Churches such as Cathedrals or modern buildings such as museums or skyscrappers are masterpieces which make us emotions that just the architecture can create in us.

In fact, architecture is an art ”bigger” than others. For example architecture is an art that can have another art inside it. A museum can have pictures or draws inside it or inside an opera music is played.

For that reason Architecture is not just an art but is an incredible way of being an artist and Im proud of studying this degree.