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The architect from today may seem a person who just works for making buildings, that it is just a profession, but this is not like it seems. The architect it is a person who knows how to project and build a building up. It is a professional borned to draw, a professional which main objective is to increase the human quality of life. It is capable of knowing the major necessities of the society and give realistic and useful answers. It is also a brave person which inmerses into different arts: music, drawing, the sound art, the light art… It is also brave as he is responsible for all the consequences of his desitions.

But the architect is also a person who knows how to think. How to think viewed from an architectural point of view. A person who watches every building from the glasses of architecture, who get used to analyze what surrounds him.

It is a person who knows how to draw, but because of trial and error, trying to interpret the reality he watches. A person who travel in order to acquire new points of view from different points of the world.

As we viewed at the first class, the architecture is just a language. The architect is the person who interprets that language. Thats the reason why he is capable of interpreting and expressing the thoughts of the society and find the language and tools to interpret.

He need to be critical, suspicious, curious, but always working in teamwork, thinking and sharing ideas being in continuous dialogue with his mates.