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The first day of university we arrived to class and we had different classes. We were told that during the first year we needed to adquire the ”View of the Architect”. I didn’t undrstood what the teacher said but it stayed in my mind and I interesed a lot in this. It is true that the year has not finished but time has passed from that moment and I think I understand a little bit more about this concept.

This ”View of the Architect” is just seeing the world as an architect does. I mean, walking through the street and admire the buildings and understund them, differentiating the type of flooring system, or trying to state the type of foundations the building has. Contemplating the design of the rooftops, the proportions…

In fact it is a good feeling having this view. As time has passed, in different conversations with my parents I have used architecture as an example trying to explain something and they have told me that I have the ”architectural rush”. I am so proud of start having this architectural view and I want to be an incredible architect.